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Nutana Bakery

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Dedicated and passionate, our bakery team crafts delectable treats with a sprinkle of joy in every recipe, ensuring every bite is a delightful experience.

Nutana Bakery

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Nutana Bakery

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Nutana Bakery

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It's been a family business from the beginning.


Ferdinand Fobel opened Nutana Bakery in 1951, alongside his wife, after purchasing the property in 1950. Prior to their bakery's establishment, the land had been occupied by a house owned by John Milden from approximately 1915 to 1945, until his passing, after which his wife resided there until her demise in 1947. In 1947, John Cogan acquired the property, subsequently selling it to the Fobels in 1950. Twenty-two years later, the business transitioned to Ed and Vera Fobel, who, as son and daughter-in-law, managed it for 34 years until passing it on to their son Brennan in 2007. The Fobel family's purchase of the Nutana Bakery property was solely to establish a bakery, a decision rooted in Ed Fobel's fond childhood memories associated with the bakery. He recalls gathering with friends in the basement on Saturday nights during high school, playing card games using a penny jar, and indulging in day-old pastries leftover from Friday, which the bakery wouldn't sell on Monday to ensure freshness.


In 2007, Sia and Sal Avwally embarked on a journey when they acquired Nutana Bakery, a cherished establishment with a legacy dating back to 1951. Fueled by a passion for tradition and quality, they faithfully continued to produce the bakery's iconic offerings, including the irresistible chocolate fudge donuts, following the time-honored recipe that had delighted customers for generations. Embedded in the fabric of the bakery's success was a family affair, with Sia and Sal's children actively involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring that the bakery thrived with a blend of old-world charm and youthful energy. While embracing the legacy of Nutana Bakery, Sia and Sal also recognized the importance of evolution. They expanded the menu to include new delectable treats, carefully curated to complement the classics. However, mindful of the bakery's rich history and the loyal patrons who cherished its traditions, they approached changes with a delicate balance, ensuring that the essence and nostalgia of Nutana Bakery remained intact while welcoming the excitement of new culinary adventures.


In 2023, the ownership of Nutana Bakery transitioned to Sima Arnold, the eldest daughter of Sia and Sal, and her husband Blaine. Upholding the cherished tradition, Sima and Blaine's children, Aiden and Kieran, are actively involved in the bakery's operations. Sima assumes the role of daily operator, ensuring smooth business management, while also assembling a dedicated team to maintain the bakery's stellar service. In her stewardship of Nutana Bakery, Sima remains committed to preserving the authenticity of the original products that have been beloved by customers for decades. However, she also embraces the opportunity to introduce new offerings that resonate with contemporary tastes. The overarching goal remains unchanged: to maintain the essence and character of Nutana Bakery while adapting to evolving preferences and ensuring a delightful experience for customers.